End of the Year Siyum

Zoom Siyum on maseches Taanis, Megilla, and Sukkah

Special Program

Welcome from David Segal

Siyum and Hadran by Students

Music by David Levinger

Guest Speaker Rabbi Aaron Kotler, CEO of BMG Lakewood NJ

Hadran from Siyum 2020

Hadran said by YHSA Students upon finishing Sukkah, Taanis, and Megilla

Slideshow presented at the YHSA Siyum Zoom 2020

Slideshow presented at the YHSA Siyum Zoom 2020

Messages from the Rebbeim and a photo slideshow from the 2019-2020 school year

YHSA Alumni- Love of Torah

Pre Shavuos messages

7 Alumni share special pre Shavuos messages with current students- Very Special Video!

Tenth Anniversary Dinner Celebration - Feature Presentation

Celebrating 10 years!

Tenth Anniversary Dinner Celebration - Segal

Presentation honoring Mr and Mrs. David & Laurie Segal

Tenth Anniversary Dinner Celebration - Almoslino

Presentation honoring Mr. and Mrs. David & Julia Almoslino

Tenth Anniversary Dinner Celebration - Einhorn

Presentation honoring Mr. and Mrs. Mark Einhorn

Tenth Anniversary Dinner Celebration - Meyerson

Presentation honoring Mr. and Mrs. Charlie & Robin Meyerson

Siyum Dinner Slide Show 2019

Created by Avi Bronsteyn and Josh Kikirov

Highlights of 2018-2019

COPE Course Venturing Camping Trip

May 2018

Camping Trip at Camp Raymond with Team Building and Rope Course. Venturing is a program of BSA.  

Chanukas Habayis Grand Opening Part 3


Chanukas Habayis Grand Opening Part 2


The Rosh Hayeshiva of Ner Yisroel,  Rav Aharon Feldman- Part 2: minute 19:35

Chanukas Habayis Grand Opening Part 1


The Tanke Rav, Rabbi Friedman-  Part 1: minute 7:18

500K in 24HRS-Bachurim Celebrate!

Building The Future – The New Home of Yeshiva High School of Arizona 24 hours to QUADRUPLE your impact to Help Make a Dream a Reality

We Did It! Thank You!


Building the Future Home of YHSA

matching campaign

24 Hr matching campaign

Siyum 2018 Video Slide Show

Year Highlights

Bikeathon Promo

Bestdronage.com footage

Bikeathon Promo Video (short)

2016-2017 Slide Show Highlights

By Rafi Saman

Highlights of 2016/17 School Year

Honoring the Adlers

Siyum Dinner 2015/16

Rabbi Elimelech and Chani Adler, Honorees at Siyum Dinner 

Visionaries of YHSA

Honoring the Visionaries of YHSA, Siyum Dinner: June 2016

Siyum 2016 Feature Video

Feature Video

What YHSA Means To Me

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