Rabbi Gavriel Goetz

                                      Menahel, Head of School


Rabbi Gavriel Goetz studied at Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, MD, the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem and at Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ. For four years, he served as Rosh Chabura (leader of graduate students) to a Chabura which he started at the Lakewood yeshiva. His responsibilities included recruiting students and setting the curriculum as well as teaching and administering tests. An author of 3 books, he graduated from the Aish Dos Educational Leadership Program, a teacher training program run by Torah Umesorah, the National Society for Hebrew Day Schools. His outgoing and warm personality and his tremendous motivation to give to the community are what prompted him to open a yeshiva.

                            General Studies Principal

                                  Rabbi Yossie Semel
                      Assistant Principal, 9th Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Yossie Semel has earned his bachelor's degree at Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He received his smicha while studying in Israel, from Rabbi Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg, a member of the Rabbinical High Court in Yerushalayim. Rabbi Semel has brought his experience as a certified mohel to the Valley. He is also renowned for the clarity with which he is able to explain the most complex Gemara at the Phoenix Community Kollel. Currently, he teaches the advanced Gemara class at Phoenix Hebrew Academy. He brings to the Yeshiva the warmth and enthusiasm necessary to motivate students toward reaching their potential in learning skills and knowledge.

                              Rabbi Shraga Yankelewitz   
                              10th Grade Rebbe (Teacher)
Rabbi Shraga Yankelewitz earned his Master's degree at Beth Medrash Gevoha of Lakewood, New Jersey and is a graduate of the Aish Dos
Teacher's Training Program. Most recently, he was a member of the
Phoenix Community Kollel where he earned his Smicha in Gittin (laws of divorce) and served as director of programming. Rabbi Yankelewitz brings his creative teaching style and enthusiastic approach to learning
Gemara/Talmud and Mussar to his students in the Yeshiva.




                               Rabbi Yonah Wohlgelernter
                               11th Grade Rebbe (Teacher)

Rabbi Wohlgelernter studied in a number of Yeshivos, including Ner Israel, Lakewood, and abroad in Israel. He also studied for three years in the Community Kollel of Greater Washington/Olney. Rabbi Wohlgelernter has a Masters’ degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University, and is known for his passion for teaching Torah.

                              Mr. Darren Schwartz
                              Math Teacher


Mr. Schwartz, M.Ed., taught at Shadow Mountain High School, Phoenix, AZ, for the past 10 years. He designed and implemented a new curriculum for the Applied Mathematics class to include business concepts such as economics, personnel, manufacturing and marketing a product.

                              Mrs. Joyce Cone
                              Math Teacher

Mrs. Cone has taught over 4,000 students in her stellar teaching career of over 40 years. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from  Arizona State University with a BA and MA in math education. She taught all levels of math, science, drama, and music at Phoenix Country Day School for 38 years, before leaving to care for her elderly father. Mrs. Cone has been a grade level team leader, a department chair, an admissions committee member, on the curriculum committee, an adviser, a travel planner, and a liaison to parents. She won many honors including The Allison chair for excellence, was the only American invited to the Punahou Asian math conference, and organized the Mathcounts competition where the teams won the City- twenty five years, the State- fifteen years and went to the Nationals six times. She led the national team for two years. She taught at Phoenix Hebrew Academy for 3 years and is currently teaching for her second year at Yeshiva High School of Arizona. She enjoys her grandchildren, big dogs, and making math understandable to all.


                               Mr. Arthur Lebowitz
                               General Studies Curriculum Consultant


Mr. Arthur Lebowitz is recognized school leader in Phoenix. He is a former Principal, Assistant Superintendent, and Interim Superintendent in the Phoenix Union High School District (PUHSD). During his tenure as Principal at South Mountain High School, the school was selected as an "A+" School by the Arizona Department of Education and selected as a semi-finalist in the U.S. Department of Education "School of Excellence" Program. Mr. Lebowitz holds a Master’s Degree in Reading Education from Arizona State University and a Bachelor’s in English Education from Ohio State University

                               Rabbi Daniel Gewirtz
                               12th Grade Rebbe (Teacher)

Originally from South Bend, IN, Rabbi Gewirtz exudes a wonderful energy that infuses our talmidim with a love of learning. He studied in Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim, where he received his bachelor's degree, and in the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He received Semicha in Lakewood’s Beth Medrash Govoha. A graduate of Ner Lelef Leadership Program, Rabbi Gewirtz led a Kollel Boker in Lakewood

                              Mr. Chaim Dovid Siskin
                              Student Operations Coordinator


                                Rabbi Leibel Blotner
                                Navi Teacher


Rabbi Blotner was raised in Worcester, MA, received rabbinical ordination in NYC, and completed advanced rabbinical training at the Yeshiva Centre in Sydney, Australia. He is the executive director of Chabad in Mesa, AZ, instructor for the Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Phoenix, and qualified to sit on a Jewish court of law. Rabbi Blotner is known throughout Arizona as a popular and dynamic lecturer.

IMG_2526 (1)_edited_edited.jpg
                               Rabbi Yakov Bronsteyn
                               Navi Teacher

Rabbi Bronsteyn was ordained as a rabbi at Yeshiva Mercaz Hatorah in Jerusalem. As Senior Lecturer at the Phoenix Community Kollel, he is a recognized expert in Jewish Law. Rabbi Bronsteyn serves as the West Coast director of supervision for the world renowned Star-K Kosher Supervision.

                               Rabbi Ariel Shoshan
                               Mussar Teacher

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan is the Rav of Ahavas Torah: The Scottsdale Torah Center. A native of Chicago, he received semicha from Ner Israel Baltimore and holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  Rabbi Shoshan served as the director of the Phoenix Community Kollel from 2002 through 2007 and is a member of the Conference of Synagogue Rabbonim of Agudath Israel of America, director of Valley Eruv Project and a regular lecturer by video-conference for Ner L'Elef Rabbinic Training Program in Jerusalem.

                              Mr. Jeremy Rovinsky, Esq.
                              US Government Teacher,
                              Guidance Counselor

Mr. Rovinsky is Mr. Rovinsky is a law professor, Judge Pro Tem, and Dean at National Paralegal College- www.nationalparalegal.edu. He graduated magna cum laude from American University with degrees in Philosophy and Political Science, and with honors from The George Washington University Law School. When Mr. Rovinsky was in high school, he served as captain of his debate team, was ranked #1 on Long Island for Student Congress, and his We The People Constitution Team was ranked #1 in New York State and in the top ten in the nation. Mr. Rovinsky is excited to inspire his students to understand and appreciate their civic duties, and aspires to prepare his students to compete in the Arizona We The People Competition and sit for the AP US Government exam.

                                   Mrs. Tami Einhorn
                                   Office Administrator/
                                   Director of Operations

     Mrs. Einhorn has been on staff since the yeshiva opened in 2010. 




                                  Rabbi Dovid Bernstein
                                  School Consultant


Rabbi Dovid Bernstein serves as Director of the Aish Dos Department of Professional Development of Torah Umesorah. In 1995, he founded the Aish Dos Lakewood Teachers Institute, and in 1997 the Senior Leadership Fellowship to train yeshiva/day school principals.

Rabbi Bernstein taught score analysis at Yale University Graduate School of Music before serving in America's day schools as a classroom teacher, principal and teacher trainer. Rabbi Bernstein consults for yeshiva boards and administrations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.